Fine-tuned ads that capture max attention of users

  • Sophisticated solution allows automatic embedding advertisements into previously unused spaces
  • Innovative ad slots generated by advanced technology have the highest audience engagement rate Read more...
  • Unique AI algorithms allow selling goods and services straight from the visual content (video or image), enabling upsell and cross-sell

Easy Installation Process

Any Video Player
Any HTML5 or customized players, including YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook
Any Platform
Any platform and custom HTML pages, including mobile apps created through WebView
Any Visual Content Format
Any image or video content
Publishers simply upload our script to their websites and mobile appsEasy, quick, with no additional tech support needed
Extracts and analyzes visual, audio, textual content in real time
Embeds and displays ads inside the visuals
Analyzes any content changes to adjust the ads respectively
Our script has standard configuration settings as well as advanced options to allow publishers to fine-tune their ads to enhance users' positive shopping experience

Variety of Ad Placements

Attached to specific objects
The video will pause to allow user interaction
Not attached to objects
The video won’t pause, but you can see a pop up in the right hand corner to allow user interaction

Animated SVG Banners

consist of elements that can be adjusted according to the desired size, format, shape, verbal density, etc.


Context Targeting

LensAI allows you to fine-tune content targeting
Image & Video Recognition Data

Standard Targeting

Our platform allows us to combine content targeting with standard targeting
User Data
IAB Audience

Examples To Make It Simple

To show a Walmart brand awareness ad and then send users to its “Desk Lamps Category” every time the desk lamp is identified.
To “sell” a pressure cooker everytime when white plate with food is identified
Display the ad of a multi-purpose cleaning solution when a relevant setting is identified only for female users between ages 18 and 35 with a house cleaning supplies purchasing history

Access to standard configuration settings for publishers

including advanced options to fine-tune content to target audience and enhance interactive shopping experience
Display Settings
  • Number of Banner Ads: enables publishers to set the number of simultaneous ad placements in the content
  • Density of Banner Ads: enables publishers to choose the frequency of ads to be embedded
    • For images, publishers can set the frequency of ad displays per page
    • For videos, publishers can set the frequency of ad displays per video stream
Category, Brand &
Advertising Purpose Settings
  • The setting allows to select what product categories and/or brands are allowed to be advertised and for what types of advertising purposes

Other settings include but not limited to

Content Settings:
The setting allows to select the content to be embedded into banner ads (videos, images)
Order of Ad Placements:
The setting allows to customize ads placement parameters
Layering and Method of Ad Placement:
The setting allows to select the type of ad banner format, its display methods, etc.
LensAI in action
See how publishers & advertisers have achieved their goals using LensAI's unique capabilities.