AI that tailors ads to the context

The core of LensAI Technology is an associative thinking artificial intelligence that performs in-depth and aggregate analysis of visual, textual, and audio content. As a result, our innovative algorithms automatically select and embed relevant ads into any content consumed by users in real-time

Semantic Analysis Engine

Our algorithms extract and instantly analyze textual content that goes with the visuals

  • Classification through IAB content v.2 standard
  • Determines content emotional appeal
  • Extracts separate entities: celebrities, locations, dates, proper names, etc.
  • Currently supported in English, multilingual version is progress
Data provided to our Associative Thinking Engine helps it fine-tune the most relevant ad to the rightest user
Safe content
Unsafe content

Image & Video Recognition Engine

An exclusive neural network-based model capable of identifying over
10,000 objects and entities

Identifies objects, people, gender, age,careers and actions
Identifies colors and textures
Identifies the setting, such as a kitchen or an airport
Identifies brands, logos, celebrities

Our Associative Thinking Engine employs only those items that were identified with an accuracy of over 90%

Customized AI Formula Service

LensAI works directly with Advertisers/Brands to effectively design and develop exclusive associative connections with potential customers.

For example, a baby’s wash product may wish to display their ads only when a particular set of entities ("toddler" + "bathtub") is identified in the frame/image

Audio Analysis Engine

Just like in Semantic Analysis Engine, the algorithms transcribe sounds and remove background noises

Product Search Engine

For e-commerce advertising goals, LensAI will match identified objects with
major marketplaces inventories as well as inventories uploaded
directly to LensAI platform

Advertiser/Online Seller
Google Product Feed
Product Search Engine
Amazon, Walmart, eBay, AliExpress, etc.

Ad Goals Engine

LensAI is capable of building a highly relevant connection for all kinds of advertising goals, including:
Brand Awareness, Traffic Increase/Generation, Boost Mobile App Downloads, Increase Video Views, Lead
Generation, Message Display, Increase Foot Traffic

Data Analysis-Based Ad Selection
Ad Goals Engine
Ad Creatives

Associative Thinking Engine

Combines all data extracted while processing it and inventory. This is that very precious moment when
our AI machine selects the rightest, most relevant ad for the user

Brand awareness & other ad goals

Associative connection to brands through detected objects, motions and surrounding

E-commerce catalogue sales
Associative Thinking Engine selects the rightest, most relevant ads from the
inventory and ad creatives based on users' profiles

Our Very Own
Associative Thinking Engine

is an exclusive AI that analyzes every piece of data
available to make the best ad selection. Relevant ads are the ads that attract end users

User Data by IAB Audience v1 Standard
Product Data by Google Product Standard
Context Data by IAB Content v2 Standard
Ad Goals Data
Image & Video Recognition Data
LensAI in action
See how publishers & advertisers have achieved their goals using LensAI's unique capabilities.
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