Our Mission

To turn any visual content into an e-commerce marketplace

Our Vision

Seamless sale experience with no gap between a moment of inspiration and an actual sale

The Core Team

Pavel Shkliaev
Pavel is our founder and CEO, leader and visionary, IT entrepreneur & developer. Prior to LensAI, Pavel launched four start up projects with one successful exit.
Konstantin Kosenkov
Konstantin is the mastermind behind our AI, a co-founder and a CTO. Konstantin has been an IT architect, a software engineer, and a leading developer of large start-ups for more than 25 years.
Tanya Mamusheva
Tanya is our CPO, a cross-functional leader, bringing the organization together to meet business goals. Tanya puts forward a wealth of experience and knowledge of industry to LensAI.
Anna Morrison
Executive Assistant
Anna is acting as the point of contact between the executives and internal or external colleagues. Anna brings over 15 years of English language teaching and has a proven record in education management industry.
Eric Wytiaz
VP of Business Development
As VP of Business Development, Eric is initiating a wide range of revenue opportunities for the company. Prior to Lens; Eric developed several early adoption media solutions for Fortune 2000 Brands, has incubated pioneering video strategies to acquisition, and has successfully built a network of brand, programmatic, agency and publisher partners.
Michael Morrison
Software Engineer
A senior software engineer specializing in building and maintaining high availability database infrastructure and website systems.
Sloan Sehr
Sloan is our advisor with extensive and profound experience in crafting, developing, and managing cutting edge media solutions for the world’s top eCommerce and retail brands and is an avid fan of AI and baseball.
Daniel Ehevich
Advisor & Partnership Development
Daniel, our advisor and a partnership liaison with brands and solution providers, brings over 10 years of user acquisition, digital advertising and mobile user monetization experience to LensAI.

Founders' Word

I believe in the future and technology that will create it. The sci-fi genre made me a curious child who turned into a passionate about science adult.
Pavel Shkliaev
Since being a kid, I’ve been into Information Technology. I enjoy being in sync with the progressing transformation of the world, and it’s an honor to be a part of its improvement via new solutions.
Konstantin Kosenkov
So to say, we are a team of dreamers driven by science fiction.

Our Journey

LensAI was founded by Pavel Shkliaev and Konstantin Kosenkov
June 2020
Giving first demos

We are taking a risk to show off our technology to "big guys." There's a clear interest in what we are building, and our technology needs to match the highest standards. As we realize that there is still a long way to satisfy those high standards before us, we take a step back to work even harder. We can sense that we are getting closer to the finish line.

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June 2019
Getting started on a project

The idea around which LensAI is built was born in Pavel's head as he was watching some online videos with his kids. Some things in one of the videos caught the kids' eyes, and they immediately wanted them. Being a good father, Pavel turned to online search for purchase. However, the whole process turned out to be extremely difficult. That's when that AHA moment visited Pavel: he realized that what he wants does not exist. The idea kept growing in his head until James Bond popped up on his TV one day... Follow the link to read why we all are so grateful to Agent 007.

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May 2020
Meeting the first hurdles

Everything looks easy and fun at the beginning. We have dived deeply into extensive research and development. Here's when everything changes: it is not that easy or amusing anymore. The idea implementation at times seems impossible, but we love it when we manage to overcome a challenge. Follow the link to see where our dreams take us or how an idea becomes a technology. It's an inspiring story!

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September 2020
Being talked about

Our team is growing. We are blessed to have found brilliant Advisors who not only share industry insights with us but believe in us. Our schedule is grayed out to give demos to both small and large market players who have confirmed that we are on the right track. While we turn technology into a product, we implement collected feedback into development process. New developers have joined us. Our followers are growing. Finally, our social presence is highly visible - we continue to receive a stream of inquires from interested parties daily. We're beyond excited!

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November 2020
Shifting our focus on the product development

We are winding down on all outside communications to put all our energy into product development. As we have received many requests from the market to enable the product's basic functionality asap, the focus is now set on that along with the tech, the underlying AI, and the intrinsic value other market players cannot offer. New developers have joined the team.

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March 2021
Our Hearts Demand Changes!

We are coming close to our "It's a wrap!" moment and waiting with bated breath when LensAI goes live to disturb an old-school cookie-friendly advertising era. With LensAI, there will be no tracking users and eroding their trust but only relevant contextual advertising! It's a long-awaited change that every stakeholder of the digital advertising ecosystem deserves!

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August 2021
Lens AI was selected to join Media & Ad Batch 4 at Plug & Play!

Loads of exciting work ahead! Cheers us on!

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October 2021
We did it!

LensAI received the Startup Award in Media&Ad batch 4! A perfect outcome to our journey with Plug & Play which made our mission even stronger.

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January 2022
Flowplayer Partners with LensAI: Grow Your Ad Revenue With the Power of AI

One of the largest web video players in the US announced its partnership with Lens AI. Soon, its clients will unlock new streams of revenue from Shoppable and Contextual inventory generated by LensAI. This inventory will be available for purchase via direct and programmatic deals. Lens AI is changing the world, changing the world of advertising, doing what seemed to be impossible before. Globally.

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January 2024
Get a public free demo

We've released a public version of the demo, its improved the quality of advertising, the changes are mostly related to Shoppable ads, relevancy has improved significantly. We have also improved Contextual, but the main change is still in development process. The Contextual update will expand the number of categories to 10k. This will allow advertisers and publishers to more accurately categorize content and target advertising.

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