Sell your stuff straight from the content. Goods, brands, services

Whatever the advertising goal is, ads are always relevant to the content and embedded straight into videos or images.

E-commerce inventory

Publishers can select any ad inventory to display. LensAI operates endless and complete inventories (from pet food to aircraft spare parts)
Major Marketplaces
Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, etc.

LensAI shares CPS commission with its publishing partners.
Publisher’s Native Inventory
Publishers have an opportunity to sell/advertise their own products and services through LensAI ad formats.
Online Retailers Inventory
LensAI is not limited to particular brands and sellers. LensAI offers its own Affiliate Programs based on CPA(S) pricing model.

Brand awareness inventory

LensAI individually negotiates with each publisher & advertiser special terms regarding the cost per 1,000 impressions, or a desired total number of impressions, or a set period to display them within


E-commerce Sales
Google Product Feed
Google Requirements
Brand Awareness
Traffic Increase/Generation
Boost Mobile App Downloads
Increase Video Views
Lead Generation
Message Display
Increase Foot Traffic
Facebook Requirements



(Cost-per-Action & Cost-per-Sale)
On average, LensAI receives a 5% commission from Advertisers that are top U.S. marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.)
LensAI shares part of the earned commission with its Publishing Partners. On average, 60% Publishing Partners
LensAI distributes the payouts within 30-45 days from the conversion date, after receiving a payment for a qualified purchase from the marketplace
Income Distribution Structure (CPA)
User Purchase
LensAI’s Share
Publishing Partner’s Share


(Cost-per-Click & Cost-per-Mile)
LensAI individually negotiates with each Publisher regarding the cost per click/impression, the number of impressions, and/or period to display them within
LensAI in action
See how publishers & advertisers have achieved their goals using LensAI's unique capabilities.