LensAI introduces an advanced
in-image & in-video advertising solution that benefits all key stakeholders of the digital advertising ecosystem

Innovative Ad Slots Offer:
  • Previously unoccupied in-image and in-video spaces that receive users' max attention
  • No manual work and pre-processing to serve ads
  • Co-exist with traditional forms of advertising
Intelligent Ad:
  • Less intrusive
  • Eye-pleasing
  • Highly relevant to the content
  • Unobtrusively placed
  • Clickable shopping feature
Significant ROI for Marketing Investments:
  • Brand Awareness Ads: our unique associative advertising algorithm taps into the user's emotions and creates an urge to buy
  • Product Ads: instant product/service sales straight from the relevant ad content in real time

Meeting New Era Digital Marketing Challenges

User’s Attention
Efficient monetization of desktop and mobile web traffic:
  • Ads Quality over Quantity
Users feel overwhelmed and interrupted by too many or irrelevant digital ads, but they don't really mind the good ones. That's why contextual relevance is the core of LensAI advertising.

  • Cross-Screen Challenges
LensAI equips Publishers with tools to tune ad campaigns in a native way to any screen environment.
Skyrocketed advertising conversions:

  • Precise Ad Targeting
LensAI Contextual Engine enables ideal ad delivery by embedding ads straight into relevant visual content at the very same moment users are consuming that content allowing Advertisers to reach max engagement.

  • Engaging Visuals
We took an interactive approach to develop our Ad Formats and design them so that they look like shopping hints users may have seen in video games rather than traditional ads.

LensAI as the Future
of Contextual Advertising
in a Privacy-First-and-Foremost World

LensAI believes in delivering relevant ads to users across the web WITHOUT tracking users and eroding their trust via gathering third-party cookies
Contextual Targeting
While contextual targeting is a tried-and-true method of targeting users, LensAI is the only computer vision solution on the market that targets audiences based on the content they are interested in and drawn to, not personal information about users.

Taking third-party cookies out of the advertising equation, LensAI prioritizes first-party relationships.
Respect for
User Privacy
As LensAI does not depend on cookies or alternative user-level identifiers, LensAI enables Advertisers to reach relevant audiences effectively and ethically - by tailoring ads to the context in which their audience is browsing rather than what user's identities or behaviors are.

So, no hidden tricks whatsoever!
Precise Targeting
LensAI gives Advertisers the power to define the desired context for their ads by identifying what objects and other entities detected in the visual content count as relevant ones. LensAI opens the door to cookie-less world! From now on, creating personal ad experiences is done by placing ads in the right context.

Yep, no privacy hackles detected!
A new era in Online Advertising where the privacy of users comes first is just around the corner. Step into contextual advertising with LensAI

Instant Seamless Sale Experience

Bridging the gap between a moment of inspiration and a moment of sale
Publisher either creates the content of choice or uses previously published content
User comes across interest-based content
LensAI’s Associative Thinking AI performs in-depth aggregate analysis of visual, textual, and audio content to establish the best contextual ad perspective
Relevant ads are either embedded directly into objects detected in visual content or attached to the entire image or video scene in real time in less than a second
LensAI stimulates impulse purchasing among users and simultaneously offers a solution to satisfy the shopping urge


"I so often find myself loving the outfits when watching shows. Unfortunately, it takes forever to find an exact or the most similar product online." "Same here! I personally give up after five minutes of keyword search. Even though I have my credit card ready, no one offers me a chance to buy it. That's where LensAI changes lives of shoppers like me."
Anna & Tanya
LensAI Girls Team
"It all started with channel switching until the "Casino Royale" movie caught my attention. I liked the suit James Bond was wearing, and if given a chance at that moment, I would've probably placed an order for it. Although I did not need the suit, I liked how it looked on the actor and just the idea of having a similar one gave me a good feeling. But there was a huge but - no one was selling it to me and I had no idea how to find it online."
Pavel Shkliaev

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