LensAI provides value with every ad impression

by automatic product tagging and contextually relevant ads

Product Tagging: our product recognition technology enables instant product tagging of items that are either a perfect match, visually similar, or complement detected products
Contextually Relevant Ads: our unique associative advertising algorithm taps into the users’ minds by establishing the desired connection between the brand and detected objects that are relevant to it

LensAI Targeting: Object Detection

Target audience via pictures and videos they consume and serve them relevant ads on their desktop and mobile websites
LensAI establishes the best contextual ad perspective through its next generation AI that can understand images and videos
LensAI fine-tunes targeting by identifying numerous entities and analyzing their combined meaning within one frame
Product Properties
Product Category
People Actions
Product Properties
Product Category
People Actions

LensAI Targeting: Object Similarity

Target audience via products detected in images and videos
LensAI Neural Network
Gender & Age
Class Mask
Object Landmarks
Defining product attributes
Search of similar products
At the very exact moment when the content catches the audience's eye, LensAI automatically tags detected objects with products from the brand's assortment that are visually similar to detected ones
LensAI is on a journey to build the world's largest shoppable engine that enables billions of items to be bought and sold all over the internet.
Yup, it’s not limited to any platform!

LensAI Targeting: Accessories & Complementary Items

Target audience via offering complementry items for the objects detected in images and videos
LensAI Neural Network
Identified objects
Suggested products
LensAI matches detected objects with just the right complementary items from the brand’s assortment

LensAI Targeting: Context

Target audience via a combined understanding of the text or audio that goes along with visual content.
Sentiment Level
Сoncepts Keywords Phrases
IAB Text Classification
Identify your key potential customers more effectively by understanding what context attracts them
Identify your key potential customers more effectively by understanding what context attracts them
Meet associative targeting tool that enables brands to link their ads to any object, entity, or environment they want to be associated with
Achieve precise targeting through fine-tuning under what circumstances, including content and context, your ads will be displayed

LensAI Brand Safety

LensAI Brand Safety eliminates unsafe placements by identifying text, audio, visual components, and sentiments expressed that are not aligned with the brand's safety policy.
LensAI Brand Safety makes sure that ads are displayed in a safe contextual environment by detecting textual, audio, and visual content that raises concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Porn, alcohol, smoking, etc.
  • Weapons, war, crime, etc.
  • Racism, cruelty, abuse, etc.
  • The sentimentality level of the context is below normal, i.e., harsh, abusive, rude, negative, etc.
If a brand desires to be not associated with, let's say, a particular celebrity, that can be done too. :)
Safe content
Unsafe content

LensAI Ad Formats & Its Types

LensAI In-App & In-Web ad formats meet the requirements of the latest developments in the ad industry.
For mobile & desktop
In video with overlay mid-roll. Automatic mid-roll ads, your own format, MoneyDot/V-bar or any other mid-roll video format.
In image with overlay
Any size of the ad units including the standard Google Ads and IAB ones
Any creatives’ design with static and animated images, interactive images and with videos
Any types and size of ad banners with any ad position per webmaster discretion

Ways of Integration

Generate more revenue from ads across any channel
  • Direct script installation 
  • Via Google Ad Manager 
  • Via website plugins
Display settings, ad slots and other features are available. Dashboard with default setting is also available.
Ad network
  • API
  • Iframe
Allows you to set up accounts for Publishers and Advertisers, to retrieve statistics, etc. Script is installed via iframe onto your website or through API
Custom Video Player
  • Integration of our script into your player
In most, cases, there is no need to customize our script for your player
Browser Extension
  • Integration of our script into your extension
Displays are possible only on the preset websites and players that the users with your extension visit
Mobile App
  • In-Progresss                               
In most cases, integration is possible. Here’s a brief explanation of two ways that targeting can be achieved:
  • Match-Required Targeting on DSP side through key-value pairs (custom extension). Meaning, a match of key-value pairs is necessary for an ad to appear.
  • Non Match-Required Targeting through key-value pairs when ads are displayed without a direct attachment to an item. For example, in standard ad slots and/or standard ad formats. 
While LensAI has the ability to turn any irrelevant traditional banner advertising to a contextual one, we are rooting for our proprietary in-image or in-video ads formats
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LensAI Integrations

Google Ad Manager
Easy installation of a script via GAM with no change to current policies
Get ad impressions straight from your Direct Selling Prebid Inventory
Install LensAI script via Plugin
Google Analytics
Send statistical data to an analytics system that is convenient for you

Some Brands We Work With

LensAI in action
See how publishers & advertisers have achieved their goals using LensAI's unique capabilities.
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