LensAI enables advertisers to access coveted audiences

and build valuable associative connections with them while respecting the user's online experience.

LensAI technology enables advertisers to deliver their ads to the right audience and context and turn them into instant sales.
Connect with users through innovative shoppable in-image and in-video ad placements embedded directly into objects or attached to the entire scene!

Benefits for Advertisers

An opportunity to display advertisements in non-traditional ad slots with a proven highest audience response
A completely novel approach to online advertising: ad slots that have never been used by anyone before
Visibility is 31% higher than the 52% average
Users spend twice more time looking at LensAI ads compared to other analogues
LensAI Ad Format is 3 times more effective and attracts 3.5 times more attention than a standard banner ad or media ads
Allows to sell goods and services straight from the visual content (video or image) including upsell and cross-sell
LensAI Ad Format increases brand recognition by 65% more than standard ads

Advertiser Integration

Advertisers upload the list of their creatives/products for us to access.
LensAI algorithms analyze uploaded ad creatives.
A user comes to the website (desktop/mobile) or mobile app. LensAI displays these creatives/products in the visual content of our publishing partners.


Context Targeting

LensAI allows you to fine-tune content targeting
Image & Video Recognition Data

Standard Targeting

Our platform allows us to combine content targeting with standard targeting
User Data
IAB Audience

Examples To Make It Simple

To show a Walmart brand awareness ad and then send users to its “Desk Lamps Category” every time the desk lamp is identified.
To “sell” a pressure cooker everytime when white plate with food is identified
Display the ad of a multi-purpose cleaning solution when a relevant setting is identified only for female users between ages 18 and 35 with a house cleaning supplies purchasing history
LensAI in action
See how publishers & advertisers have achieved their goals using LensAI's unique capabilities.
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